Get off the keto struggle street!

Stop falling off the keto wagon and learn how to make low carb healthy and sustainable with our 28 day clean & simple reset.

If you have been struggling with your low carb or keto lifestyle and need a new focus, then this challenge is definitely for you.

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What is the clean & simple reset?

What's included

Printable Resources

  • Measurement tracker
  • Approved food list
  • Meal plan template
  • Accountability calendar
  • Approved product recommendations
  • Quick guidelines
  • Shopping list template

Recipes & Meal Ideas

  • Over 60 low carb recipes!
  • Delicious meals, sides, condiments and staples
  • Using mostly supermarket ingredients
  • Meal suggestions and ideas
  • Mix and match examples to build your meals

Support & Accountability

  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • Weekly live video Q&A sessions
  • Access to Dan & Erika throughout the challenge within the support group
  • Weekly motivational emails 

Don't take our word for it...

Is the reset for you?

  • Do you keep falling off the keto wagon and need some support & accountability? 
  • Are you looking for a simple way to get started on a low carb or keto lifestyle?
  • Do you want delicious low carb and keto recipes & easy meal ideas?
  • After Easter are you in need of a diet reset after too much comfort food?
  • Looking for a dedicated & like-minded health-focused community?
  • Just want to learn how to create simple & delicious low carb meals!

More successful resetters...

Some of the delicious meals you could be enjoying

All the recipes are quick, easy, low carb and using clean ingredients

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Don't hesitate! We are ready and waiting to help you succeed with your low carb lifestyle.

About us

We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Dan and Erika and we run the website and YouTube channel Have Butter will Travel. We have been living a keto and low carb lifestyle for 4 years and have had wonderful success with not only weight loss but improved health.

Even though keto and low carb has been a wonderful lifestyle change for us, we have found over time as more keto products have become available that we have started adding in more low carb processed foods and treats. We also found as these things crept into our everyday diet, our cravings came back.

We decided we needed to make some adjustments to the keto and low carb lifestyle we were living and we came up with the 28 day low carb clean and simple reset. We were both amazed at how good we felt!

Dan & Erika